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Installing pywws and running it as a Daemon

I have been using pywws for a number of years to download the data from my weather station and it simply just works.  There is good support from the author though there are some gaps in the documentation.  Moving pywws … Continue reading

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Node-RED and icons

I’ve been looking at Pete Scargill’s thermostat and got stuck on icons. He blogged about icons recently but that didn’t say how to install them.  So on the basis of ‘if I didn’t know there will be others who don’t … Continue reading

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Node-RED, npm, sudo and permissions

I ran into a problem on my Pi yesterday; I could not update any npm installed packages.  If I did try, it simply failed, quietly.  Some searching led me to believe that it was because I had installed npm using … Continue reading

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A New Discovery

I actually love it when I come across something new, even if I should have found it ages ago. WinSCP. How I have never come across it beats me, but if you regularly edit files on different systems, this is … Continue reading

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Trouble with Hosting at SmartHost

If you happened to notice a number of posts simply disappearing, it was because my hosting provider SmartHosting had some sort of failure last week which meant they lost a number of days work.  I noticed it on Sunday and … Continue reading

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Node-RED and XML to JSON

I’m trying to catch up with a whole load of stuff I did before I started this blog; as much as anything, so I can remember what I did for when I need to do it again! Following on from … Continue reading

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Reducing Spam on WordPress and Blacklists

It is a shame that there are folk in the world that have nothing better to do that try and irritate others. Sadly that is the way it is.  Inevitably, having only set the blog up a week ago and … Continue reading

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USB to VGA adapter

A really quick blog on an item I got from Amazon this week I had a couple of old 21″ monitors kicking around that I wanted to use on a dual stand, but the monitors only have a VGA input.  … Continue reading

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Bash on Windows

Bash on Windows is a fantastic tool. If you have not heard about it I suggest a bit of Googling but in short, it is a fully fledged (well almost) Ubuntu system running right on Windows.  I don’t intend to … Continue reading

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Monitoring Processes using Monit

Monit and it’s big (paid for) brother M/Monit are great tools for monitoring processes on your Raspberry Pi (or any Linux based system).  The first thing to note though is that Monit cannot be used to monitor processes started using … Continue reading

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