Trouble with Hosting at SmartHost

If you happened to notice a number of posts simply disappearing, it was because my hosting provider SmartHosting had some sort of failure last week which meant they lost a number of days work.  I noticed it on Sunday and they had to go back to the last backup which was Thursday.  Rather unfortunate especially as I have only been with them for a few weeks and I just happened to do a load of updates in those couple of days.

Now I’m not unhappy it happened, these things do happen, but going back to a backup 3/4 days ago seems a little off. OK I don’t pay for the super duper backup but still…

What I am less happy about is their communication.  If I hadn’t noticed it, they would never have told me as I have received no formal notification and I would have wondered where it had all gone.  Their status page is impossible to find until support send you the link and it is rather reticent in explaining the problem and it fails to mention they went back to a relatively old backup so many people would have lost data.  Their twitter feed appears to never be read or if they do they don’t actually respond.

They claim a 99.9% up time.  It took 6.5 hours to fix, so if that is 0.1% they should not have another outage for 270 days.  Let’s hope so or else I have paid for a pup.

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