Old DietPi Orange Pi Images

If, like me, you are a fan of DietPi, you may well have been irritated by recent events.  The decision to move to a completely new image that could not be upgraded to, was understandable, if unfortunate.  These things happen to any OS with Windows being the obvious comparison.

Unfortunately this upgrade coincided with a spat with armbian which seemed to revolve around a school yard ‘my image is better than yours’ Twitter argument.  The end result is that DietPi have dropped links with Armbian and so there are no new images for the OrangePi family which Fordee readily admits were some of the most popular downloads.

Fortunately, I had (unusually) quickly upgraded to the last Jessie version (v158) on my OrangePi Zero+ before it all went pete tong.  Although no new images are being made available, it is not as if there is no further support in that you can still do the apt-get update/upgrade so it is only the added support DietPi brought that has been lost.  DietPi did host some specific packages in their repositories so that will become an issue as time goes on.

DietPi are also being robust and deleting links to old images out there that are posted on the forum.  One user has kindly provided a download of the images, the link for which I got before it was removed.  If you want the last Jessie OrangePi image from DietPi you can get them here.


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2 Responses to Old DietPi Orange Pi Images

  1. Oliver says:

    Thanks a lot ! I cleaned out my download-folder, and by mistake deleted all the DietPi OPI images…so you are my saviour 🙂

  2. Wish the developers of Armbian and Dietpi didn’t get into a online e-peen size comparison and worked together…the combined distro’s would have helped the non-Raspberry Pi communities explode…

    Shame really…

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