Get data from WH1080 Maplin Weatherstation sensors directly

I have been using pywws to extract the weather station data from my Maplin WH1080 for 6 years now but have now suffered from the dreaded (in pywws circles) USB Lockup – basically the weather station stops talking to the Raspberry Pi.

Via a strange set of circumstances on the OpenEnergyMonitor community, I discovered the package rtl_433 and wondered if I could read the data directly from the sensors which were clearly still working as the base station continued to show updates.

The short answer was “Yes I can”.

First step was to identify a suitable USB DVB stick that uses the Realtek RTL2832U chip. I chose this one from Amazon.

While I waited the day for delivery (oh woe is me), I got to installing the rtl_433 package.

The rtl_433 GitHub page links you to a list of repositories. As I wanted to run it on a Raspberry Pi, I noted it was available in the ‘testing’ repository. Never having installed anything from a different repo this took me on a different track as explained here.

Once installed, and once the stick arrived (today), I simply plugged the stick in at typed

That was it. My data appeared.

I did want it passed into MQTT so I ended up (having asked a stupid question and been pointed to the wiki) with;

I now get a single JSON payload message on my MQTT broker!


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