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UniFi Controller on a Pi or DietPi

Having just invested in a UniFi AP UAP-AC-Lite (it is absolutely fantastic), and refusing to spend £70 on the USB UniFi controller or wanting to use the cloud system, I needed to get the UniFi controller installed.  I didn’t expect … Continue reading

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Pi-Hole and Disabling dnsmaq

Pi-Hole no longer uses the dnsmasq DNS proxy directly. However, existing installations will still have it installed and the service will still attempt to run and fail (as it should). I was keen to get rid of it as I’m … Continue reading

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Systemd Timer and monit

Why is it that, so often, a key bit of information is assumed by documentation writers? I’ve had an issue for a while where monit will fail to start properly on boot.  The issue is that with DietPi, it seems … Continue reading

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Contributing to Open Source Projects on GitHub

If it has crossed your mind to contribute to an Open Source project, but GitHub just seems too daunting, then I’d suggest reading this tutorial. The bit that got me was how to actually contribute and this section explains it … Continue reading

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Using nmcli to set a static IPV4 address in

This method of setting a static IP for Hassio has been tested with a vmdk image on an Esxi server. Log into the HASSOS base system via a console – note this is not the same as an SSH … Continue reading

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Emoncms on DietPi

Introduction WARNING The Install of EmonCMS has moved on since I wrote this and this guide is now depreciated I am a huge fan of DietPi – lightweight and fast, runs an a large number of SBCs. The aim here … Continue reading

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Else is never necessary – Really?

I had an interesting experience with Codacy today.  I got this error. When doing my IT Degree (many moons ago) I was taught 2 things (amongst others you understand): An If statement always has an else. You should always handle … Continue reading

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Keeping time on a Pi

Again, this blog fall into the category of a ‘I need to remember how I did this’ post.  I actually started writing this months ago but never finished it.  Good job as some of what I originally said was wrong … Continue reading

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Old DietPi Orange Pi Images

If, like me, you are a fan of DietPi, you may well have been irritated by recent events.  The decision to move to a completely new image that could not be upgraded to, was understandable, if unfortunate.  These things happen … Continue reading

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Adding a DietPi VM to an EXSi Host

This blog very much falls into the ‘how in the hell did I do that’ category. A bit of background.  I have had an HP MicroServer for a number of years just sitting there not doing a lot except running … Continue reading

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